What I Ate Wednesdays with a Sweet Potato that was actually eaten sweet

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Another edition ladies and gentlemen.

Peas and Crayons

Along with some photos from a walk I took on Sunday (over 5 miles! yay)

Pretty Lake Michigan during my walk on Sunday…

Walked all around by the lakefront up by Soldier Field and Museum Campus. I love living in Chicago.

Meal 1: Egg with egg whites scrambled with kale and yellow pepper on a white corn tortilla, topped with salsa. This white corn tortilla from Trader Joe’s is BOMB! So glad I got it.

Meal 2: Spinach Sweet Crisp Salad (cafe) from Corner Bakery and a thing of bread on the side. I am happy I had more veggies today for lunch since I usually have a protein bar. I need more veggies in my life!

Meal 3: Sweet potato topped with greek yogurt, Better’n PB, and cinnamon. Truthfully… I’m not diggin’ it. I like my sweet potato savory and roasted better. Oh well. Unless you guys know of specific combos for sweet potato that are great? Cause I wasn’t really into this one.

Meal 4: Some plain nonfat kefir and greek yogurt mixed with vanilla protein and GNC whole foods blend, topped with Enjoy Life Food’s Rice Twice cereal and coconut butter. Yummm. I’m almost all out of coconut butter too 🙁

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  • What do you like to eat your sweet potatoes with?
  • Do you like coconut butter?


Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. Lake Michigan is gorgeous! I love the look of your breakfast as well. I’ve never tried the whole nut butter and sweet potato thing but I agree with you – I like mine roasted and savoury! 🙂

  2. Wow, gorgeous pictures! I LOVE coconut butter!! Who doesn’t?

  3. I love my sweet potatoes! A wedge of laughing Cow cheese is always a good option if you’re into something more savory. However, I’m a cinnamon lover so I also like to add cinnamon! YUM!

  4. Looooove coconut butter. Have you ever tried having it on top of a sweet potato? With a sprinkle of cinnamon and some maple syrup, it’s to die for. I actually really like having my sweet potatoes sweet, but I don’t usually add the Greek yogurt because I’ve found it just makes them taste a bit funny.

  5. I love my sweet potatoes baked and topped with roasted garlic hummus. So good!

  6. I want that sweet potato!!! Which peanut butter did you use?

  7. I like my sweet potatoes sweet. But I only like them with real marshmallows, real brown sugar, and real butter. I have racked my brain trying to get a “healthy” combo to work out for this- blackstrap molasses/coconut fluff, etc.- but nothing has really worked. The closest I’ve come is using it in oatmeal sweetened with just a banana.

  8. Love all the fun mixes! I love my sweet potatoes with sweet toppings but also love them with goat cheese on top!

  9. Such pretty pictures from your walk!! I never tried my sweet potatoes that way.. but I’ve also heard so many people like it lol I like mine just plain or with some ketchup lol totally with you on the savory 🙂 And I’m actually probably the only one who has to still try coconut butter… the only thing that’s keeping me from buying some is the price and also that it kinda reminds me of snot.. as gross as that sounds lol!

    • hahah that’s what I think of when I have oysters! Very much like snot. I wouldn’t say coconut butter would make me think of snot though cause it can get hard in a colder temperature, you should totally try it anyway 🙂

  10. I like them microwaved in some water with splenda and cinnamon! Mashed into a protein cake or shake!

  11. I like to top my sweet potato with peanut butter and greek yogurt. once i put apple butter on top and man did it make it sweet.. it was still good though!

  12. I’m with you on the savory sweet potatoes! I have yet to try them “sweet”…..I admit if I find something I love it’s hard for me to branch out from it for fear I’ll ruin a perfectly good meal haha

  13. Gosh Chicago is just too beautiful. I love our gorgeous city 🙂

    Sweet potatoes + coconut butter or applesauce = an amazing combo! It’s something that I eat almost weekly.

  14. how have i not thought of that coconut butter cereal topping? GENIUS!

  15. I just had a savory sweet potato for dinner tonight…stuffed it with a black bean burger and topped it with spicy mustard…and it was pretty darn tasty, but I have to say, I really prefer them sweet. My latest thing has been to stuff them with cottage cheese and LOTS of cinnamon! So good! Have you ever tried using coconut butter as a topping? That’s another favorite of mine. Goat cheese is good too (especially the blueberry goat cheese from Trader Joes :D)

    LOVE that lake picture! Nothing like some breathtaking scenery on a nice long walk! 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, TJ’s has a BLUEBERRY goat cheese?!?! Where was I for this, how have I NOT seen this before?! Thanks for letting me know! I’ll have to try a sweeet potato with goat cheese next time and I’ve heard about the coconut butter thing too but I’m all out for now… so until I get another jar (who knows when that’ll be) 🙂

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