Why I’m choosing to start over my workout plan

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I have been doing Beachbody’s workout plan, Chalean Extreme, for a while now. Actually, according to the schedule, I should be on week 2 of month 3, which is extremely close to the finish line (the plan is 3 months long). Why am I choosing to start over the program completely then, if I’m so close? After much thought, there are reasons I think are relevant to my decision and will help me in the long run.

I got sick at the end of month 1 and ended up not exercising for a few days because of that. The cold did not stop me and I continued the plan as scheduled when I was able again. Only about 3 days were lost, so I did not find this to be troubling. They say “don’t give up”. The mentality says that life always gets in the way and you are bond to miss a workout or two, so just continue the plan. So I did. However, then at the end of month 2, I got sick AGAIN. This time the cold was the nastiest I have ever experienced and I was unable to exercise for about a week and a half because of chest congestion. At first I thought this was fine and I could go back to where I left off. I kept going with month 3. However, then Spring Break happened and I went home to the suburbs to my parents’ house. I forgot the DVDs at my apartment. This forced me to not be able to follow the program for another week. I did some light exercise that I could at home, but I was especially unmotivated after the illness, so I guess you could say my workouts were not very intense. Anyway, I feel like I lost a lot of strength and endurance over this hiatus.

Being so close to the finish line and having such a big road block in the way, I feel like continuing is just not right. I will not end up at the end of month 3 where I should be. I will not feel proud of my achievements because there are not many achievements that are visible. I am definitely stronger than I was at the beginning of month 1. I have lost some weight. But these are small improvements and I feel like I should expect better changes. These changes will not happen over a course of 2 weeks till the program ends.

I am starting over and going hard this time. I’m at a better start line and I think this will help me get through the program. Also the tips I learned from my previous post about increasing exercise effectiveness will help me do a better job during the workouts. I am ready fr change! In 3 months time, I will be satisfied. I won’t back down!

No days off this time around. Go hard or go home!

If you’ve ever been on an exercise program, what would you have done differently this time around? Avoid skipping workouts? Exercising with more intensity? Not quitting? If you’ve done everything top-notch, how were your results? 

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. Great job in sticking it to adversity. Even though we may have illnesses or muscle soreness, we must listen to our bodies. Yes, you may have lost some muscle tone, strength, or flexibility, but results aren’t always measured in inches lost or pounds gained. It’s about how our mindset and attitudes are more positively altered. Keep up the great work and hope to hear more about your progress!

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