WIAW #21: Flat Top is amazing

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Peas and Crayons

Hello bloggies, here’s another version of WIAW for you guys! This was recorded for yesterday (Tuesday). I’m going to jump right in to the action. Thanks for hosting, Jen.

Meal 1: I had a dream about this concoction so naturally I went ahead and made it a reality in the morning. Slice of bread covered in 1 egg and 1 egg white, topped with a slice of organic American cheese and avocado. Topped off with some low sugar ketchup! So happy for finding this ketchup by the way, it’s only 5 calories per Tbsp as opposed to 20! Delicious breakfast. Gonna make this so much more.

Can’t forget about my morning tea time. I’m loving the whole tea bag mixing thing I’ve been doing. In the cup went blueberry white tea and organic green tea. I’m happy to say I’m becoming more immune to the caffeine now and it doesn’t give me as much anxiety as it did previously.

Meal 2: After work, I stopped by Starfruit Cafe to take advantage of Two Punch Tuesday and got myself a small coconut frozen kefir topped with berries and cinnamon. The usual. Just as amazing as ever. I am so glad for them introducing the coconut flour – it is SO darn good!

Meal 3: After my first class of Fall semester, I met up with a friend for some late lunch at Flat Top! It was my first time there and I LOVE it. You get to make your own stir fry, but as opposed to other places that I’ve been this one is FAR better because: 1) they have more protein options which include seafood, different varieties of chicken, AND FISH!!! (finally! A stir fry place that offers fish!). Their veggie options are big and they also have an enormous sauce section where you get to pick and choose what sauce you want. You can mix and match and put as much as you’d like which is awesome because oftentimes the places I’ve been to would only have like 4 options and they put the sauce themselves – sometimes it comes out SO dry. Not this time though. It was perfect!

Snack: CarbRite Diet Bar in Cinnamon Bun flavor. I am really shocked by how yummy these protein bars are. And surprisingly, the flavor I thought I would like the most turns out to be the one I like the least of the batch. I love them all except for the S’mores which is a bit too sweet for me. All of the others, however, rock my socks off!

If you’d like to try out six flavors of these high protein low carb diet bars, you have a chance to win some if you enter my giveaway! Go ahead. You want to.

Meal 4: After almost skipping out on the gym, I finally made myself go and I did 40 minutes on the elliptical interval while reading a new book. I’m so glad I went. Afterwards, I made myself a veganized version of my carob chip protein pancake, and it went well except I tried to flip it too early so it came out to look like a mess. Oh well. I topped it with some kefir mixed with almond extract (amazing combo).

Snack: I don’t know, I guess, I just wanted more sweetness. Whatever. I went ahead and made myself a batch of the chocolate coconut pudding except I subbed protein powder with GNC Women Active chocolate powder and extra Special Dark cocoa powder. Yummz.

Happy Wednesday to all. Go enter my giveaway and have a great day!


Question for you:

  • What’s your favorite thing you ate this past weekend?

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  1. That chocolate pudding looks fantastic! I wish I hadn’t JUST eaten my last meal. I’m thinking chocolate for breakfast? LOL!

  2. One of my favorite movies is Sweet Dreams (a documentary about Patsy Cline), and there’s a scene where a guy tops his fried eggs with ketchup….I’ve always wondered what it tastes like! I’m with Laura on the pudding! Must go check it out!

    • I always use ketchup on my eggs! It’s so normal in Poland and then I came to the US and everyone would look at me like I’m crazy for doing it! haha it’s so good that way though! 🙂 Glad you like the pudding, try it out!

  3. Your late lunch sounds like Mongolian Barbecue – my all time favorite restaurant food. Mix and match veggies, fish/seafood/tofu (not meat for me), seasonings like garlic/ginger/nuts/fresh herbs and they prepare it with a sauce on a hot stone… mhm, I just made myself wanna go again soooo bad.

  4. That lunch looks incredible! I’m a stir fry junkie. The more ingredients, the better.

  5. I want to eat everything on here! That breakfast looks amazing and those carbrite bars sound super yummy! I’m a sucker for protein bars!

  6. i’d eat that chocolate pudding right about now!

  7. I keep seeing flat top all over the place, but I’ve never been! I’ll have to add it to my list of places to try:)

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