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I realize we all need to feed our hungry eyes at some point or another, that’s why I’m doing a late WIAW post where I’m going to share with you what I’ve been eating lately. Or… I guess what I’ve been eating lately that I managed to snap a picture of! 😉

First, I’ve been testing some new recipes for an eCookbook I’ve got coming out soon…

Single Serving S'mores Cake in a Mug by

Single Serve Brownie A La Mode - healthy!

Second, I’ve been loving sandwiches lately. Heather knows what I mean, right Heather? 😉

Photography by Kamila Gornia

Turkey and cheese with fresh tomatoes from parents’ garden. Delicious…

Photography by Kamila Gornia

Egg sandwich with fresh cucumber from parents’ garden.

Third, thank you YoCrunch for sending me the yogurt to try out. It’s quite good although I will admit I’m used to eating Greek Yogurt and regular lowfat yogurt seems so different to me now – the texture is all different, haha. It’s a nice vanilla flavored yogurt with fun toppings! M&M, peanuts, and raisins, anyone?

It’s really yummy and since I have this texture thing, I add some coconut flour and protein powder to thicken it up. Comes out to be an amazing parfait 🙂

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Kammie wants to know:

  • Do you usually eat Greek or regular yogurt?

  • What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. I love a sandwich with pineapple in it plus other things but if it has pineapple I’m on board! 🙂

    That yo crunch sounds delicious even if the texture was off. I usually go for Greek yoghurt.

  2. Your egg sandwich looks good.

    I love my Greek yoghurt. So thick and creamy.

  3. I’ve pretty much only been eating Greek yogurt for the past two years, and even when I have something slightly less “Greek-y,” if you will (like Chobani Bites) I’m all, “What is this business?!” Haha. It’s surprising how different the two are! Although I’m pretty sure I’d sacrifice my normal affinity for thicker Greek yogurt for the sake of M&Ms in my yogurt…haha.

  4. The fresh tomatoes with cheese sandwich looks yummy! You should also try this delicious cherry with feta cheese Bruschetta see the recipe here:

  5. YUM!!! I love feeding my eyes and your blog always makes my eyes quite full.

    Sadly I cannot eat Greek Yogurt, however, it looks so good and I know if I could eat it, I would freeze it 😀
    And my favorite sandwich is wrapped in lettuce, YUM: With sun-dried tomatoes, turkey slices, olives and artichoke hearts?!?!

  6. How exciting that you’ll have an ecookbook! That tomato sandwich is calling to me!

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