WIAW: Just a regular Saturday

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Whew, I haven’t done a proper WIAW post in a while! I finally managed to take photos of everything  I ate in a day and that day happened to be last Saturday. I’ll start from the beginning…

Friday night ensued a few drinks and I usually opt for eggs for breakfast the morning after. I read somewhere that eggs are great to eat after a night out because it helps do something to your body to get rid of alcohol. I already forgot what it was but ever since I read it, I started picking eggs as my go-to breakfast after a night of drinks.

I decided to make sweet potato hash with eggs. I love sweet potatoes so I was pretty excited about this. Unfortunately, I  was still groggy when I was cooking and I forgot that the curry powder has a whole opening…

Sweet Potato Hash and Curry

But I shoot it pretty intensely over the sweet potatoes and onions as if the opening had holes in it, so wayyyy too much curry powder came out. Thankfully it all went in one place so I was able to scoop most of the powder up and throw it out. There was still a bunch left so my breakfast had a stronger curry flavor than usual.

Sweet Potato Hash

That’s okay though because it was still delicious. I ate it with some green peppers on the side. Filling breakfast 🙂


I tried one of the teas I bought over at Teavana – this time I tried the Berry Basil white tea and it is sooo delicious!

I love tea

For lunch, I really wanted chocolate chip protein pancakes but I didn’t have any chocolate chips… I knew I wanted to throw something in the batter though. So I opted for blueberries! The protein pancake turned out pretty good but it still needs work.

blueberry chocolate pancake

If you saw Monday’s post, I finally posted how to make the BEST roasted butternut squash! I did exactly that except I also added some string cheese strings over it and put it back in the oven for a little bit so the cheese can melt on top.

butternut squash with cheese on top

SO. GOOD! Ugh! Of course I added ketchup and mustard… because that’s how I do.

butternut squash with cheese on top

I checked my mail later on and I found two packages! Yay! Two bars I bought from Amazon are here, finally – I’ve been out of bars so I have been buying food out during lunch more than I should. Both of these are yummy. Btw, if you aren’t signed up for Botanic Choice yet, you totally should – it’s my go-to health/food online store. Use my link to sign up and you’ll get $10 off your first purchase!


Another package contained this creative little nut butter. Nuttzo! I’ve been wanting to try this nut/seed butter for quite some time now and I finally got the chance to. Nuttzo is a 100% organic alternative to peanut butter.


It contains 7 nuts and seeds and has a consistency of a chunky nut butter due to the seeds. I love that it contains 50% of daily value of Omega-3s!  It’s easy to stir too. We’ve got a winner!


I decided to use it along with a chocolate blueberry protein mug cake. The recipe needs work so you can’t find it on the blog just yet. It was delicious but the consistency was off, and it required too much microwaving. Stay tuned, I’m sure it will be coming to the blog sooner than later!

Nuttzo on chocolate mug cake

Delicious dollops of Nuttzo on top. Yummy crunchy goodness. It’s #ajarfulloflove

Nuttzo on chocolate mug cake

What’s your favorite thing you ate this week so far?? Peas and CrayonsI received this jar of NuttZo free of charge through participation in a Fitfluential campaign. This is not a compensated post and all opinions on the product are my own. You can follow NuttZo on Twitter and/or Facebook!

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. I have been wanting to try the Nuttzo Nut Butter! You know me and my peanut butters! Your sweet potato and egg has looks delish!! I am a sweet potato person too! I just bought a HUGE bag of them and i can’t wait to make something with them!!

  2. Roasted butternut squash literally makes me the HAPPIEST GIRL on the face of the planet!!!!!! I make like 10 pounds and eat is ALL in one sitting!! I am a crazy garbage disposal! lol

    • Hahah I totally get what you mean – it is SOO good! I can’t even believe it’s a veggie. Literally, the first time I made it roasted I was stunned and had to actually google whether butternut squash is good for you because it tasted that good haha

  3. All your food looks so delicious! I love sweet potato hash, I make it so much.

    What do you think of Kind bars? They look good and I’ve seen them around, but I’m not sure about them yet.

    • I like them as a little snack because they are only around 100 calories (for the small size, I’ve seen bigger ones too) but I wouldn’t get the bigger ones because it would be too sweet for me, I think. Although the KIND bars are natural and whatnot, they are still pretty sweet. And they are dominated by nuts, so if nuts aren’t your thing – you probably won’t like it. What’s your favorite snack bar right now? I’m always on the look out for new/other options. haha

  4. Yum! I wish TJs was closer to us…it’s an hour away!

  5. Everything looks amazing! I’ve never tried nutzo butter but seeing it on everyone’s blog lately really makes me want to try it!

  6. I want that tea…and you mug! I love mugs.

  7. That nut butter looks amazingly runny!!! I need some!

  8. Pancakes for lunch: YES! Just saw that Nuttzo product – must try!

  9. MMM i had pancakes for lunch today! yum!
    sojealous of you with your Nutzo! I really want to try some hehe!

  10. Mmm, that butternut squash looks amazing!! I <3 Nuttzo too. Best thing I've eaten lately was last night's dinner of roasted kabocha squash. Love it! 🙂

    • I actually have two kabocha squashes waiting for me to roast them. It will be my first time making them! what’s your favorite way to make them? Any tips for roasting?

  11. All your food looks delicious! I had many mishaps with spices in the past too. Once I used cinnamon instead of curry in my chili. Another time I did the same thing as you and poured waaay too much spice. Oh well 🙂

    I need to get my hands on some Nutzo! I’ve never seen it in stores and I suspect that I would love it.

    • Hahaha I almost put cinannamon in my eggs SO many times before, thinking it’s cumin or something. Thankfully I would stop myself right before pouring each time. Whew. I think I saw Nuttzo at Jewel!

  12. YAYYYY Nuttzo! Nuttz over it! Next time you should put it on those sweet potatoes, holy yum.

    • I don’t actually like eating sweet potatoes sweet so that won’t do very much for me >.< Thanks for the tip though! I'm one of those weirdos that can only eat sweet potatoes as savory.

  13. I loooooooooooooooove Kind bars!

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  15. Ahhh, you lucky ducky you! I got a chance to try some of Laura’s Nutzo when I visited her in ATL and that stuff is soooooo good! But I still have a hard time justifying 12 bucks for one little jar of nut butter! Wish the Nutzo fairy would come and visit me! Lol

    Hellooooooo curry! What a way to wake yourself up in the morning! Lol Totally sounds like something I would do! I once mistook the garlic powder for cinnamon sugar for topping my peanut butter toast (the containers look the exact same)…talk about a RUDE awakening! And THAT my folks is why zombies don’t make breakfast! Bahaha!

    Oh and I totally love you for putting ketchup and mustard on your sweet p’s! I’m ALWAYS obsessed with mustard, but lately, I can NOT seem to get enough ketchup! Wonder if that means my body is missing something? Hmmm….

    • Eeeek okay I didn’t even know one jar is 12 bucks. Woopsies, that sucks. I guess I won’t be indulging in that one too often either. Not until I become a wealthy person, that is. Which may take a while… but I wonder about the ketchup. I tend to crave it too randomly but I don’t know if it means we’re missing something. It is pretty acidic so maybe we eat mostly alkaline foods so the pH tries to balance itself out by craving an acidic ketchup? Not sure. But I definitely surprised myself that I know that pH lingo still from high school. WOOP!

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